JLA Software Inc takes privacy matters seriously. To protect any information collected by It's Show Easy or the It's Show Easy website, JLA Software Inc employs best practices for website and web application security. Among other things, this includes ensuring that all communication with It's Show Easy web resources is protected via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Additionally JLA Software actively ensure that all third-party software employed is up-to-date with the latest security patches and that the computers on which the It's Show Easy and the It's Show Easy website operate are secure.


The It's Show Easy website uses cookies exclusively for website security purposes. No personal information is stored in cookies created by the It's Show Easy website.

It's Show Easy, the application, uses cookies for security purposes and to maintain session data while you are logged into the application. No personal information is stored in cookies created by the It's Show Easy application.

Google Analytics

The It's Show Easy website employs Google Analytics to allow JLA Software Inc to better understand website traffic. JLA Software Inc does not receive any personal information from the use of Google Analytics. More information about Google Analytics, how it works, and the information it collects can be found on Google's online documentation.

Facebook and Other Social Media

JLA Software Inc uses Facebook and other social media to promote It's Show Easy. The It's Show Easy website includes special tags for the purposes of instructing social media platforms as to how It's Show Easy website pages should be referenced by those social media platforms. JLA Software Inc receives no personal information and no information about site visitors' social media activities from the use of the aforementioned social media-related tags.